Apple & blueberry cake

A rich rustic sponge cake mixed with chopped apple and blueberries.
Carrot & beetroot cake NEW
Two layers of carrot cake sandwiched with beetroot buttercream, topped with a beetroot water icing and dusted with beetroot powder.          

Sweet potato & chocolate Bundt NEW

Sweet potato and chocolate round bundt piped with a chocolate ganache, accompanied by  sweet potato crisps to decorate.

Lemon drizzle cake

A rich vanilla sponge topped with a lemon sugar crust.

Poppy seed & lemon cake 

A light sponge with poppy seeds sandwiching a tangy lemon curd.

Chocolate, orange & apricot cake

Dark chocolate sponge sandwiched with an orange buttercream and apricot jam. Then drizzled with Belgian chocolate ganache.

Chocolate buttercream cake

Dark chocolate sponge filled & topped with a chocolate buttercream and garnished with chocolate curls.

Raspberry gateau 

Cream and raspberries layered with vanilla sponge and decorated with raspberries and raspberry glaze.

Carrot cake

A classic moist spiced carrot cake topped with a cream cheese icing and chopped pecan nuts.

Orange polenta cake LG

Something slightly different this rich sponge is made with polenta and soaked with an orange syrup.

Coffee & walnut cake

Walnut sponge sandwiched together with coffee buttercream and topped with lashings of buttercream and walnuts.

St Clements cake

Vanilla sponge soaked with a lemon syrup and sandwiched with an orange buttercream.

Black Forest gateau

Chocolate sponge soaked with a kirsch syrup and layered with cream, cherry and chocolate ganache, decorated with cream, chocolate and cherries.

Victoria sponge 

Vanilla sponge sandwiched with buttercream and raspberry jam.

Coconut sponge

Vanilla sponge filled with jam and coated with buttercream, then encrusted in shaved coconut and finished with cocoa.
Victoria LG/DF
Vanilla sponge made with gluten free flour, sandwiched with dairy free buttercream and jam. Topped with caster sugar.

Chocolate Cake LG

Chocolate cake made with gluten free flour sandwiched with chocolate buttercream and topped with chocolate ganache.

Chocolate fudge cake

Cream and chocolate ganache layered with chocolate sponge, finished with a spiral of white and dark chocolate curls.

Mandarin & Cointreau gateau

Cointreau soaked sponge layered with cream and mandarins, garnished with mandarins and sliced almonds.

Mocha buttercream cake

Coffee sponge soaked in coffee syrup filled and topped with chocolate buttercream, topped with chocolate curls and coffee beans

Chocolate, banana & walnut loaf NEW

Chocolate, banana & walnut loaf style cake cooked in a 2lb loaf tin, topped with banana chips.

Rich fruit cake loaf x 2

A boiled fruit cake made with dried fruits and sherry, two loaves per box.

Salted peanut & chocolate roulade NEW

Chocolate roulade sponge rolled with chocolate ganache and (peanut butter) cream. Drizzled with chocolate ganache and salted peanuts.

Lemon & ginger roulade NEW

Vanilla sponge roulade rolled with lemon curd and a ginger cream, decorated with lemon curd and ginger biscuit dust.

Chocolate & hazelnut praline roulade

Chocolate sponge sheet rolled with chocolate ganache, praline and cream, garnished with chocolate ganache. (14 portions)

Pistachio & raspberry roulade

Vanilla sponge sheet rolled with cream, raspberry puree, raspberries and pistachio nuts. (14 portions)

Tiramisu roulade 

Amaretto and coffee soaked sponge sheet rolled with a mascarpone cream and cocoa. (14 portions)

Lemon roulade

Vanilla sponge rolled with lashings of lemon curd and cream. (14 portion)

Banoffee roulade

Toffee mixed with banana puree rolled with cream and vanilla sponge. (14 portion)

White chocolate & blueberry roulade

Vanilla sponge sheet rolled with white chocolate ganache, cream and blueberries. (14 portion)

Rich chocolate roulade 

Chocolate sponge rolled with Belgian chocolate ganache and cream. (14 portions)

Elderflower & raspberry cake 

Vanilla sponge soaked with an elderflower syrup filled with raspberry jam and topped with raspberry buttercream roses.

Rolo cake 

Chocolate sponge filled with caramel, coated with a chocolate glaze and decorated with Rolo's.

Rosewater & pistachio Cake 

Vanilla sponge soaked with a rosewater syrup, sandwiched and topped with rosewater buttercream and finished with pistachio and rose petals.

Blackcurrant & raspberry Roulade 

Vanilla sponge sheet rolled with cream, raspberry jam and blackcurrants.